Avada Theme Review: Is this the Ultimate WordPress Theme?

Nathan Lee

Mar 8, 2023

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Avada Theme
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As someone who has worked with the Avada Theme, I have gathered experience and understanding about the theme’s performance under certain conditions. I shall evaluate the theme in its current version, which is 7.9 at the time of writing. I am confident in my ability to articulate the theme’s use cases for both developers and those seeking to swiftly establish their own portfolio, blog, or online store.

What is Avada?

Avada is a WordPress theme created by ThemeFusion, which has been developing the theme for over a decade. It has over 850,000 sales on the Envato marketplace with a review rating of 4.78. It is the most popular theme in the Envato marketplace, however there are more well-known and often used themes outside of the Envato marketplace.

Avada Theme Features

An Endless List of Features

This theme is packed with a tonne of features that simplify the process of building websites, and the website builder that comes packaged with it also provides plugins that may be useful in certain contexts. A wide variety of plugins are available for use with Avada to aid you with a variety of tasks, including the organisation of your files, the creation of your own post types, and the building of attractive sliders.

Visually Build Anything with the Live Builder

The Live Visual Builder was initially released in v6.0 in late 2019, with the ThemeFusion team focusing on delivering a seamless content editing, duplication, and movement tool. It is also feasible to make modifications to a piece of a page and then copy and paste that section to another page in a different tab, allowing for the effortless creation of pages.

Since its inception, the builder has expanded to include live construction for headers, footers, forms, and even giant menus. Moreover, you can mix these elements into layouts that may be applied globally to all sites or to individual pages. This allows you to create a store portion of your website that has an entirely distinct design from the main pages. Similar to our own website, we apply an alternate header to all blog-related pages.

Build an Online Shop with their WooCommerce Builder

You may also utilise the layouts to build a remarkable online store by taking advantage of the fact that you can change the design of each of your product pages from a single location, just as you can change the appearance of the headers, footers, and page layouts on your website. If you want the design of your website to be unique and not seem to be based on a pre-made theme, then this is an excellent choice for you to consider making. In order to promote your goods and services effectively, you should personalise the layouts of your checkout page, accounts page, and off-canvas popups.

A Huge Library of Assets and Templates

If you want to get off to a speedy start, it is strongly recommended that you use a pre-built template. This was really beneficial prior to the introduction of the live builder, as it helped me to comprehend how the sites were constructed and what procedure was used to develop certain page elements. I would upload the page template and investigate how it was created when I came across layouts that I couldn’t quite figure out how they were constructed. As time proceeded, I no longer need the aid of the theme’s templates, and I am now able to see any internet site or layout and construct it.

In addition to a large library of pre-made templates, this theme also includes a library of unique components. This asset library is called as Avada Studio, and it contains several individual assets, including full-page templates, containers, columns, headers, and footers, as well as mega menus. You may import these designs to your own website and customise them to your taste. These assets can help you develop your creativity and provide inspiration for what you can eventually construct with the theme.

Additional Premium Plugins at No Extra Cost

Avada has several free premium plugins, including Slider Revolution, LayerSlider, ACF Pro, Convert Plus, and FileBird. Keeping in mind that you may save money by obtaining a licence for each individual plugin, the following is a list of all plugins and their prices:

  • LayerSlider WP – $69 per site for a one-time purchase
  • Slider Revolution – $89 per site for a one-time purchase
  • ACF Pro – $49 /yr per site
  • Convert Plus – $23 per site for a one-time purchase
  • FileBird – $39 per site, one-time purchase

This equates to a savings of $269 if you need all of these tools; however, not all of these premium tools are required, but they do come in useful if you require them for certain tasks.


Performance Management

During the course of its existence, the Avada theme has been the subject of a number of criticisms about its performance, and themefusion has been working hard to make all of the required modifications in order to solve these issues. They have included a performance wizard that can be used to disable unnecessary theme components in order to help with any performance issues that may arise.

Expensive Depending on Your Circumstances

Beginning at $69 per site with six months of developer support included, if you choose to extend the support it will cost you an additional $49.88, bringing the total cost of each licence with twelve months of support to $118.88.

If you just want to construct your own website and have a fundamental grasp of HTML, CSS, and the operation of web builders, you should purchase a single licence and increase support as required. However if you want to work on a large number of projects, if you require more than a few licences, or if you do not have skills in web development, I would encourage you to look for another option.

Advanced Support Might be Needed

Your familiarity with the theme will determine whether or not you need more assistance from the developers of the theme; nevertheless, forums and online communities may often assist you with any problems that you may have.

You may visit the ThemeFusion YouTube channel, which offers a big collection of short tutorial clips that explain all new and old features. If this is your first time purchasing ThemeFusion, you should do so. After a few days of an update being released, it is common practise for themefusion to make a video available to users. This occurs whenever the platform receives an update that adds new capabilities.

How does Avada compare to the Competition?

In spite of the fact that there are a number of competitors vying for the title of best WordPress theme or website builder available on the market, Elementor, WP Bakery, Divi, and a few more might be considered to be comparable to the competition.

While looking for products that they will need to depend on, buyers always put cost at the top of their priority list. If you require a big number of licences, you may save a significant amount of money by purchasing a theme that includes an unlimited number of licences. These licences can be acquired by making a one-time payment or by subscribing to the theme on a monthly basis.

Examining the available features of a theme might prove to be rather difficult, depending on how often the designers of the theme or website builder implement new updates. Avada provides a number of capabilities that other themes and builders are planning on including, but Avada already has them all. These include the design of distinct headers, footers, and mega menus for your website. There are certain features that are missing from the Avada theme that I feel would be wonderful additions; but, they do help to speed things up, which is very helpful.

ThemeFusion empowers customers by allowing them to vote on which features should be included into a theme by giving them the ability to choose such features. Users are given the ability to choose which aspects of the theme are most important to its overall functioning. Now, I would want to be able to construct a class style for one item and apply it to others, so that when a style is adjusted on one thing, it impacts all of the other things. Moreover, I would like to be able to apply the class style to several objects at the same time. This is especially helpful for putting together service listings in the format of individual columns.

It is possible that you may incur additional costs if you want support; but, if you watch their training videos and get familiar with how to make use of the tool, you may find that it is really useful. But, there are a few things that may be done differently in order to make this theme even more powerful.


The Verdict
  • Pricing
  • Ease of Use
  • Support
  • Benefits & Features


In general, I think that Avada is an excellent theme with a great deal of functionality and a development team that is always working towards the goal of producing something of incalculable value. It is equipped with all of the features that are required to develop exceptional websites. Since it comes with such a comprehensive feature set in addition to a number of free premium plugins, in my opinion, this is the best option for everyone who wants to use it for their own website. It’s possible that there may be a high learning curve, which will take up a lot of your time as you try to figure out what’s going on. Since time is money, and because the cost of this theme could be somewhat steep for people who want a big number of licences for clients, I would look for alternatives that provide infinite licences at a price that is more affordable.


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