Colstan Profiles

Colstan Profiles is a family-run business that specialises in steel profiling and is located in the Black Country region of the West Midlands. They provide flame cutting and lumsden grinding services to their customers. They are able to provide their clients with the highest possible quality cuts of steel because of their 20,000 square feet of space that they have available.

Services Provided

  • UX/UI Design

  • Web Design

  • Branding

  • Development

About the Project

The Brief

We have long-standing relationships with Colstan Profiles, and we recently suggested a redesign of their website because we felt it needed a facelift. After researching the possibility, they decided to go ahead with it. In order to come up with the final product, we researched the competition for ideas and consulted other design sites that used template designs.


We brainstormed ideas until we had a mood board that would assist guide the design of the website’s look and feel. After analysing their colour palette, we settled on the idea of developing a fluid style for the website, which would make it simpler for users to find their way around. Also allowing space for the essential information that must be included on the website.

Typography & Colours

Web Design