Eton Crop

Eton Crop Hair & Beauty is a salon that specialises in providing customers with cosmetic modifications. It is located in the Hall Green neighbourhood of Birmingham. The beauty parlour offers a comprehensive selection of services, such as haircuts, hair colouring, waxing, and relaxing massages to help customers de-stress.

Services Provided

  • UX/UI Design

  • Web Design

  • Branding

  • Development

About the Project

The Brief

Eton crop reached out to us because they were searching for a website that would make it simpler for their customers to book appointments at their salon. This was also proposed as a means of simplifying the process of managing customers; as an alternative to the time-honoured pen and paper method, they can organise their customers through their website.


We consulted with Eton Crop about the matter and agreed that an online store would be the greatest solution to their issue. They will be able to sell and organise their services separately in the online store, and we also devised a way for customers to make appointments, pay for them, and view their balances all in one convenient place.

Typography & Colours

Web Design